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CIT Training offers information technology courses and seminars that enable users to make efficient and effective use of computers, networks, and information systems in their work at NIH. The training program is open to NIH employees and to all users of CIT computing facilities. Most courses are free of charge. Remote class attendance can be arranged for students in locations outside the Metro DC area.

CIT Training offers additional services that include IT Training Facilitation (Classroom Rental) and Custom Training. Custom Training will not be offering in FY14. For more information, visit Additional Training Services.

10/27/2014 - The HHS Account Managemwnt sysyem is experiencing difficulties therefore the HHS Learning Management System cannot be accessed at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Register for a Class Taking Place the Same Day

The CIT Training website does not display classes taking place on the current day. register using the HHS Learning Management System


How can I see how many seats are available in a class since the CIT Training webpage no longer shows this information? Complete the following steps:

  1. 1. Login into the HHS Learning Management System.
  2. 2. Locate the "Catalog Search" pod
  3. 3. Look towards the bottom and find and select - �Browse: Category�
  4. 4. Click on CIT Training under the 01-NIH Courses grouping
  5. 5. Choose Information Technology. INote � One can choose any category to complete setup.)
  6. 6. Click on Modify Table (look right about the list of learning offerings)
  7. 7. Make sure there are checks in the following fields: TItle, Start Date, End Date, Session, Location, Current Enrollment, Maximum Enrollment
  8. 8. Now, look at the Start Date field, select the radio button in the column Default Sort Column
  9. 9. Scroll to the bottom of the window and select SAVE!

When you visit the LMS, follow steps 1-3 and then select the category you desire.

Parking for 10401 Fernwood Building

Parking validation is not provided. You are responsible for all parking fees. If your class is located in Fernwood (10401 Fernwood Road) and you plan to drive to the building, you will need to park in one of 3 garages: Public Parking Garage, 10401 Fernwood Visitor's Garage, or 6720C Parking Garage.

For detailed driving directions, please select the Locations link on the left-hand side of the screen.

CIT Training recommends that NIH staff utilize the NIH Rockledge Shuttle from the Medical Center Metro to the Fernwood building, if at all possible, to avoid having to pay for parking. Exit the shuttle at the 6700B/Fernwood stop.

Riders can now access GPS-based arrival times from their computers and/or mobile devices. Visit

If you have any questions, please contact the CIT Training staff at 301-594-6248 or send email to CIT Training.