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SS890 - Bash Shell Scripting for Helix and Biowulf



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    The default shell on many Linux systems is bash. Bash shell scripting provides a method for automating common tasks on Linux systems (such as Helix and Biowulf) including transferring and parsing files creating qsub and swarm scripts pipelining tasks and monitoring jobs.

    This class will give a hands-on tutorial on how to create and use bash shell scripts in a Linux environment.


    Topics will include:
    • Commands, operations and I/O redirection
    • Variables and arrays
    • Loops
    • Conditional statements

Reasonable Accommodations/Interpreting Services

For deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals requiring interpreting services, please enter your request online in the Interpreting Services System at least five (5) days before the start of the class. If you have any questions regarding this service you may contact the ORS/DATS Interpreting Team at (301-402-8180). Individuals who need other reasonable accommodations to participate in any of the CIT Training courses should let CIT Training know at least 5 days prior to the class.

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